Transforming a radiation company to a leader in Oncology
Varian is one of the founding companies in Silicon Valley, specializing in bringing innovations in technology to healthcare. Recently, the company divested its imaging business and wanted to leverage its presence in radiation therapy to focus solely on Oncology and the broader continuum of cancer care.
With a new commitment: to inspire new victories in cancer care, Varian’s leadership was determent to lead the industry forward in a new and bold way, and the brand was the first visible step in that direction.
The new visual identity and verbal identity communicate the brand’s new positioning: “People Powering Victories” with confidence and simplicity.
Through the use of storytelling symbols, black & white images and reduced color palette, the brand was immediately able to stand out from competitors. The new voice and messages cut through category clichés, bridging both technology and humanity. Visuals of customers and patients emphasize partnership, connections and compassion. Varian’s state of the art technology is presented in a clean and sleek way that highlights its mastery and its benefit for the people who need it most - patients.
The brand launched in the Astro convention in October 2017. Employees were overwhelmingly positive, and competitors were overheard talking about its powerful impact! Just one month later, Varian closed a 50m deal to equip Rigshospitalet and Herlev Hospital with modern treatment systems.

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